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Sydney Johnson

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Sydney Johnson is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. Sydney’s background includes working with individuals six to sixty-five years old while specializing in child therapy. Sydney is MAP (managing and adapting practice) certified and TF-CBT (trauma-focused, cognitive behavioral therapy) certified. She uses evidence-based practices to help support clients and assist them in increasing their overall mental, emotional, and behavioral health. Sydney has been providing therapeutic services since 2019.

Sydney provides individual, family, and group therapy focusing on trauma, grief, and self-esteem. She also has experience providing support to clients with depression, anxiety, and those encountering difficult life stage transitions.

Sydney has worked in a non-profit setting with children and young adults going through the foster care system and in underserved communities. She also serves in the counseling and care ministry at her church providing services to address mental health needs concurrently with spiritual health goals.

Sydney received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California.

Personal Information:
Throughout her life, Sydney has been active and engaged in her physical health finding joy through playing soccer, working out with friends, and enjoying nature on hikes. Sydney is passionate about her family and church and spends much of her time doing game nights with family and friends, serving in her local church’s Children’s and Production departments, and traveling.

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #120018