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Marriage Counseling

Is Marriage Counseling for Us?

You said in your vows, “for better or worse”.

So what happens when days start to feel more “worse” than “better”?

Is there a solution? Yes. There really is.

There is no ideal marriage. No perfect couple. Because no husband or wife is perfect.

But a loving marriage, a better relationship, is possible.

So what does love look like in a marriage?

It helps to know you are loved by God—just as you are, whether you feel it or not. But not everyone can start there, and that’s okay.

When you are in pain, it’s hard to feel love. Some days it may feel difficult to feel anything other than sadness or anger.

When a marriage is broken, there are usually many underlying issues: communication problems, conflict resolution issues, anger management, sexual addictions, substance abuse, alcoholism, adultery, depression, dishonesty, discouragement, intimacy issues, or spiritual problems.

It’s like a wall that used to hold up the roof is now a pile of bricks at your feet. How will you rebuild? Do you have the strength?

At Building Bridges, we help you build that support back up, brick by brick. A brand new foundation that’s stronger than the past hurts, 10.0 earthquake-safe, and able to withstand the storms that are guaranteed to come in life. A reliable, positive, healthy way to do life that no one ever offered you before.

When a couple calls to take the first step–that call is a victory. A huge win in the face of giving up or ignoring the problems!

Our experienced, compassionate, friendly counselors welcome you to take the first step. A step toward better days and a better life.

This is the day.
Call or text us today. (909) 303-0563