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Building Bridges

Bridges ease crossing from one place to the next.
A support spanning a void that may never be filled, but must be traversed.

A way through with a firm foundation, calculated tension, strong supports with allowance for sway in response to its environment and guaranteed future storms.

A bridge makes the impossible – the im-passable – possible.

At Building Bridges Christian Counseling that “possible” begins with a listening ear. An experienced, professional who cares.

A highly trained confidant who shepherds all aspects of your life – mind, body, and soul. One who assures you of true hope.

We work with you as an individual or as couples or families to see victories and safe passage in a complicated, painful, lightning-speed, messy, digital world.

We thank God for His guidance, His word, and the victories we witness –a marriage improved even after an affair, a person tormented by suicide authentically rejoicing daily, a couple’s healing that sparks new joy in their kids, and a traumatized soul venturing into a relationship with optimism and the tools to begin again.

We are Building Bridges.
Are you ready for support?

God loves to heal. And we love to help. Call us today at (909) 303-0563