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Christian Care

Why choose Christian counseling?

Counseling is helpful for anyone. Sorting through things and developing more positive skills to cope with life is helpful for all of us.

Our Christian counselors share the positive belief that God knows the future and is not surprised by or disappointed in any of us. He loves us so completely there is nothing “extra” to do to win his love. We sometimes think that God has given up or can’t possibly help with this pain or may not want to. This is not true. God does not tire. He is not too busy. He loves you and is able to help you.

Our counselors rely on the wisdom of God’s word, tried and true for thousands of years, and the guidance and compassion of the Holy Spirit. God’s reliable word applies to today’s situations, today’s relationships, and it gives perspective to the world.

Your life may not look like you thought it would, but your life can still be wonderful and fulfilling and happy. God longs to comfort and heal his children–to see you hopeful and enjoying your unique purpose.

Counseling is intended to be a temporary relationship. We will walk with you through the valley, encourage you, and give you the tools to enjoy your life and to build happy and satisfying relationships.

The Bible reminds us that our God is “called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9: 6) He is a mighty, wise counselor who longs for you to have peace.

Even though it is difficult to see now, God is truly able to turn your greatest trial into your greatest triumph. But you don’t have to figure out how to get there on your own.

Let us help you build a bridge today.