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Bridges ease crossing.

A solid path above a void that must be traversed.

We help you build bridges.
Call us for individual, couples, or family counseling. We use proven psychological methods coupled with biblical truth to bring joy and healing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Our office is conveniently close to the freeway and we work around your schedule with daytime, evening, and weekend hours. Call us for more information about our compassionate, effective, affordable care.

We are Building Bridges.
Get support for your next step.
Call us today at (909) 303-0563
Our locations: Ontario and Fontana (Easy freeway access)

About Building Bridges

Get support for your next step.
We work with you as an individual or as couples or families to see victories and safe passage in a complicated, painful, lightning-speed, messy, digital world.

We thank God for the victories we witness –a marriage saved, a person tormented by suicide authentically rejoicing, a couple‚Äôs healing that sparks new joy in their kids, and a traumatized soul venturing into a relationship with optimism and the tools to begin again.

We are Building Bridges.
Are you ready for some support?
Call us today at (909) 303-0563.